Saturday, November 1, 2008

Peggy's Election Picks

President: Barack Obama - because he's awesome.

US Senator: Al Franken - because he's my friend and a good man.

US Representative District 5: Keith Ellison - because he's my brother and perhaps, the coolest, most down congressman EVER.

State Representative: Anyone with "Democratic-Farmer-Labor"after their name. Except if you live in 58A. Ahem.

Minneapolis School Board Director (vote for up to three): This is a bittersweet one for me as I'll be finishing my term at the end of the year. My picks are Carla Bates and Sharon Henry-Blythe. I haven't been inspired enough by any other candidates. For the 3rd pick, you're on your own.

School District Question 1 - Strong Schools, Strong City Referendum: VOTE YES!!!

School District Question 2 - Establishment of Election Districts for Special School District No. 1: Vote Yes.

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ERW said...

hey thanks - I actually meant to ask you your thoughts on the ABC referendum. good luck and hugs!